Supply Chain Monitoring with
SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

Identify potential risks or demand-supply exceptions with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower. Intelligent visibility to solve supply chain issues faster


Increase Efficiency and Decrease Risks with Supply Chain Monitoring

A supply chain monitoring solution is essential in keeping a track of the entire supply chain flow, ensuring business continuity by identifying potential risks and exceptions, and allowing the stakeholder to timely plan and respond with a solution. The state-of-the-art geographic visuals can plot with precision, supply chain nodes like location and customers on the map, with drill-down features enabling planners to further investigate the root cause for any exception. With other tools in hand like case management and procedure playbook, the planners can log an action item to solve a particular alert as well as create and share a procedure playbook with the responsible person containing a detailed description of the issue and list of activities to be done. Advanced analytics and dashboards further provide a complete health check of your supply chain by providing visibility to different KPIs and metrics and their impact on revenue and margins.


End-to-end monitoring

Detect exceptions, track their impact throughout the network, and plan mitigation.

Intelligent visibility

Leverage modern methods like geographic maps and custom profiles to better visualize supply chain elements and data allowing planners to quickly respond and solve supply chain issues.

Custom alerts

Identify unexpected changes in your supply chain by defining threshold rules that would trigger alerts when values cross this threshold, providing a proactive planning approach.