Sales and Operations Planning with
SAP IBP Sales and Operations (S&OP)

Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams to
align demand and supply profitably. Improve collaboration
and speed up decision making.


Create the Right Plan Based on Multiple Business Scenarios

A unified solution that brings all stakeholders from supply chain and finance to follow a standard sales and operations planning process across the organization. Following this standard process for short-term, mid-term, and long-term planning horizon, eliminates ambiguity around the feasibility of the consensus plan, risk management, and alignment between supply chain and business goals. Its super collaborative features like scenario planning allow business users to simulate various market conditions and evaluate the impact on KPIs e.g., forecast performance, capacity utilization, inventory position, customer service level, financial targets, etc. before taking a decision. Real-time analytics and greater visibility can be used to make a rolling consensus plan at an operational, tactical, and strategic level. This allows planners to be better prepared for challenges like demand spikes, product or supplier unavailability, plant downtime, etc. by collaborating and adapting the plan to account for the uncertainties in the business

Integrated solution across functions

Improve collaboration and speed of decision-making on the sales and operations plan based on a single platform that provides all information required by the different business functions like products, supply chain, marketing, and finance.

Advanced analytics

Identify bottlenecks easily in case of a constraint by slicing and dicing data effectively with advanced charts and dashboards.

Scenario planning

Get the most feasible plan by rapidly creating and comparing multiple versions of your supply chain planning based on different business scenarios.


Product Review

Propose changes to product portfolio including the introduction of new launches, repositioning of existing items and their implications on demand planning.

Demand Review

Finalize demand plan by aligning with sales and marketing team and using scenario creation planning to create a realistic project that can be sold in the market.

Supply Review

Establish a feasible supply plan, identify gaps as well as constraints in the operational and tactical plan. Take necessary actions to fill these gaps.

Reconciliation View

Review financial projection of the demand and supply against the annual operating plan and identify opportunities to bridge the gap.

Management Business Review

Set direction and enable decision-making using standard KPIs and global dashboards to guide the business plan over the next 24 months.