Forecast and Demand Management with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Demand

Deliver accurate demand plans for an efficient supply chain. Attain forecast accuracy and react faster to demand changes.


Make Precise Decisions with a Single Source of Information Platform

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for Demand Planning solves the critical problem of predicting an accurate forecast which forms the baseline for subsequent planning processes. The solution is equipped with a best-in-class statistical and demand sensing algorithm which not only takes historical data as the basis but also looks at all internal and external demand signals. As a result, the demand for existing and new products is predicted precisely. Planners can also strategically segment their product portfolio based on contribution and volatility, ensuring prioritization and the most effective utilization of their available time. Having a single platform and a single source of standard information enhances collaboration, ensures quicker alignment, and allows for capturing inputs and updates from all stakeholders to make faster, better decisions.

Higher forecast accuracy

Unlock access to scientifically based statistical and demand sensing algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning (AI/ML). Significantly improve forecast accuracy compared to traditional methods.

Flexible planning

Freedom for planners to plan and disaggregate the forecast at detailed or any higher level based on product hierarchy.

Demand drivers

Incorporate internal and external factors in your demand plan to assess the impact of these elements to come up with a timely and precise response.


Statistical Forecasting

Reduce uncertainty in your plan by letting forecasting models correct outliers and choose the best fit model for your data.

ABC/XYZ Segmentation

Segment products based on volatility or significance and categorize them for easy planning and decision making.

Product Lifecycle Management- New Product Introduction

Leverage similar product data to manage new products phase-in /phase-out using sophisticated statistical algorithms.

Collaborative Demand Planning

Increase efficiency by breaking down departmental silos and adopting IBP for a collaborative approach at each stage of planning.


Sync your planning based on operational changes by defining rules to realign planning data to reflect business changes.

Demand Sensing

Take your daily forecast up a notch with demand sensing that identifies patterns, driving better forecast accuracy and inventory reduction.