Supply Chain Collaboration with SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

Build a feasible supply chain plan by sharing information and capabilities across the partners’ network


Utilize Network Generated Intelligence to Gain Full Supply Chain Visibility

Reduced cost to improve margins

Improve process efficiency and working capital inventory by reducing collaboration time and operating expenses.

Enhanced collaboration

Increase automation to cut down manual touchpoints between buyers and suppliers and collaborate in real-time.

End-to-end visibility

Foresee disruptions and respond to changes in supply or demand while monitoring parameters across your network.

Exception management

Manage processes by exception to bolster risk management and optimize your supply capacity utilization.


Forecast, Visibility, and Commit

Create a robust, single, and uniform supply plan constrained by inputs collated and conciliated from the extended supply chain partners.

Direct Materials PO Collaboration

Enable more seamless execution between trading partners and attain a real-time and a synchronized collaboration on POs by exchanging information regarding purchasing. You can manage POs and PO items with rule-based approvals, combine multiple POs to one shipment, and create invoices based on shipment.

Multi-tier Collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers to ship components to contract manufacturers enabling visibility of outstanding orders and shipments. Share real-time updates to improve transaction efficiency and minimize lag in the supply chain.

Scheduling Agreement Release Collaboration

Work on a predefined agreement based on which you may procure materials on defined dates for a certain period.

Subcontracting Order Collaboration

Leverage financial benefits and competitive advantage outsourcing certain production tasks to a contract or third-party manufacturer and develop a strategic focus on your core capabilities.

Consignment Inventory Collaboration

Provide buyers and suppliers with end-to-end inventory visibility to improve reconciliation time and service levels and reduce replenishment lead times and stock-outs.

Improved Quality Collaboration

Extend quality management processes and policies to include your entire extended supply chain. Additionally, receive notifications on defects and deviations, have visibility into quality issues and promote compliance.

Supplier Managed Inventory

Reduce data entry errors, improve service quality, and optimize the timing of order generation in line with predefined parameters by inviting your suppliers to maintain an agreed inventory based on common intelligence.

Company Expertise

Bizbrain has built and shared with the SAP Ariba ecosystem, a truly integrated business scenario that ties together planning, collaborating, and execution with SAP Integrated Busines Planning (IBP), SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) and SAP S/4HANA. This helps large global consumer goods firms to realize subcontract manufacturing. Bizbrain has been involved with Ariba SCC long before the solution was called by its current name. Our team has been an integral part of the development of SAP Supply Network Collaboration, hence sharing the same DNA.

Demystifying how buyers collaborate with suppliers

Demystifying how buyers collaborate with suppliers on forecast planning while increasing manufacturing visibility with SAP Business Network Planning Collaboration Discover how Bizbrain Technologies help SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) customers to support forecast commitment and to enhance contract manufacturing scenarios with real-time visibility into the on-hand inventory and manufacturing capacity on the supplier side. Don't miss the opportunity to get deep knowledge about Planning Collaboration by listening to SAP and Bizbrain solution experts. Benefit from an insightful live integrated solution demo from a Bizbrain seasoned solution expert where an auto manufacturing company "A&A" gains visibility into their supplier's capabilities to replenish the electronic sensors for producing cars and SUVs. Further, the improvised production plan can improve customer service levels and bring efficiency to the existing supplier collaboration process.

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Vendor Managed Inventory with SAP ARIBA Supply Chain Collaboration

Leverage Bizbrain Technologies and apsolut’s extensive experience in SAP ARIBA Supply Chain Collaboration capability. Bolster collaboration between buyer and supplier by sharing demand information and required inventory norms based on which the volume of replenishment can be decided by the supplier.

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End-to-end collaborative planning with your suppliers for a robust and resilient supply chain plan

Bizbrain Technologies and apsolut are happy to announce a partnership to work with and to help organizations realize successful implementations and adoptions around SAP IBP and Ariba by leveraging the benefits of our joined experiences and lessons learnt from our track record of successful customer engagements The webinar will aim to provide a clear understanding of collaborative supply chain planning, looking beyond your organization to incorporate your supply chain partners in your plan.

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Bizbrain Webinars

The value of moving to SAP Business Network for Supply Chain (former SAP SCC)

In this whitepaper, Krishna Mamidipaka and Debbie Z. Kaplan help customers and suppliers to understand the benefits of moving from SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) to SAP Business Network for Supply Chain and describe the key points to consider during the implementation of SAP Business Network for Supply Chain for SNC customers.

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Demystifying how buyers collaborate with suppliers
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