Demand Driven Planning with SAP IBP for
Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

Calculate vital decoupling points in your supply chain
network along with inventory buffers to ease flow of goods


Get an Accurate Demand Forecast to Meet Customer Needs

Ensure optimum customer service levels through right-sized inventories

Reach desired service levels while maintaining optimal inventory and flow across the supply chain network to minimize the bullwhip effect of high buffer inventories.

Avoid constant firefighting and expediting

Leverage a “traffic-light” system to monitor and advise optimal inventory and buffer levels across each decoupling point while creating replenishment orders based on actual demands.

Increase profitability

Prioritize orders in real-time based on live buffer sizing and use these priorities to execute replenishment.


Strategic Inventory Positioning

Place decoupling points strategically in the supply chain to cover and bolster the flow of materials through the supply chain.

Average Daily Usage Calculation

Define buffers by calculating the rate of demand considering crucial parameters like frequency of update of forecast horizon in the past or future.

Buffer Planning and Adjustments

Absorb demand signal variations and reduce lead times. Make calculated adjustments based on strategic and business priority parameters.


Leverage alerts to monitor the buffer levels and adjust them if necessary.

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