Speed and complexity: Lessons learned and best practices in implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning for companies of different sizes and different business process variants

This session will detail the main differences of an SAP Integrated Business Planning implementation within companies of different sizes and different business process. For a successful and effective adoption of SAP Integrated Business Planning, attend this session to hear real project experience covering the following dimensions:

·       S&OP/SAP Integrated Business Planning global templates rollouts vs one instance implementations of multiple process variants

·       Global roll-outs of demand planning challenges vs demand and supply balance processes

·       Integrated planning implementations — for example,  with production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS) — vs. stand-alone SAP Integrated Business Planning

·       Planning vs. reporting, how to support IT organization in smaller or larger organizations, as well as  data quality and governance

alt : Bizbrain_SAPInsider-SCM2016.pdf

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