If your company is an SAP customer and your business strives for operational excellence chances are that your organization already crossed this SAP solution. Supply Network Collaboration is the result of more than six release cycles and has reached a good maturity state. This solution encompasses multiple “collaboration” business processes, both on the Supplier (aka Vendor) side as well as on the Customer front. Developed with the “Hub concept” in mind, it leverages the SAP Netweaver XML messaging and enables an easier collaboration experience via web user interfaces. Additionally, the solution embeds native visibility concepts that minimize the access control administration effort.

Customer Collaboration

Responsible Replenishment and Collaborative Forecasting demand a very deep understanding of the Supply Chain processes and of the business constraints connected to performing replenishments in fast-paced Promotion periods.

Deploying this solution in high complex IT environments requires a very thorough understanding of the integration capabilities with Advanced Planning, ERPs and Transportation systems.

Supplier Collaboration

Supplier collaboration spans from simply publishing Net Demand for your supplier, to the complexity of the Work Order Collaboration or the  N-tier inventory visibility, via the Supply Network Inventory.

Regardless of what business scenario your company will implement, your internal and extended team will need guidance and on-boarding. The success of a Supplier Collaboration initiative is driven by the supplier/user adoption and by the amount of transaction. A successful implementation will require a trained internal IT team and a well informed on-boarded supplier community.

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