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SAP APO, Demand Planning Replacement

Prestige Brands
APO replaced by IBP, driven by need for a foundation of supply and a necessity to align top down-bottom up analysis.
Prestige Brands has grown significantly since the time APO DP was implemented. The company now requires an advanced information structure to segment data in order to focus on operations across the globe. It also needs to set the foundation for supply planning, since the in-house manufacturing is new for Prestige Brands. The aim was to enable alignment of top-down sales quota with forecast (based on orders and analysis of POS).
Key highlight: Migrate SAP APO Demand Planning to SAP IBP for Demand in North America operations.

Industry: Consumer goods, Over-the-counter
healthcare and household cleaning products
Segmentation: GB
Solution: SAP IBP for Demand
Business process: Demand planning
Backend: SAP S/4 HANA
Planned completion: August 2021

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