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Speed up the adoption of SAP IBP for Demand with RVR Demand Program

SAP IBP for Demand Planning solution empowers you to create an accurate forecast and a consensus demand plan using statistical forecasting algorithms complemented with segmentation and a time-series analysis.



Collaborate your statistical forecast 
Collaborate your statistical forecast with various stakeholders to create a consensus demand.
Improve service levels, reduce stock-outs, and lower expediting costs through more accurate forecasts. 
Improve service levels, reduce stock-outs, and lower expediting costs through more accurate forecasts.
Reduce inventory targets by lowering forecast errors. 
Reduce inventory targets by lowering forecast errors.



The RVR program offers an optimized learning curve to adopt SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and a fixed scope to ensure a shorter implementation time. It also establishes a scalable foundation for future growth.
Leverage learnings from numerous successful implementations of SAP IBP for Demand to drive quality and efficient projects for an all-around improved Demand Planning adoption experience with RVR from Bizbrain Technologies.


Services included in RVR Demand RVR Demand caters to the adoption of the following standard services:




Load History Data from CSV Files
Manual Correction of History Data
Automatic Correction of History Data
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Forecast
Baseline Generation
Collaborative Demand
Forecast Accuracy
Projected Revenue



Additional servicesImplementation time of the following many vary depending on the current state of each organization.



Forecast Tuning
External Data Influence
Data Re-alignment
Product Lifecycle Planning
Time- Lagged Forecast Evaluation




RVR Demand OutcomesDriving fast, quality results at every step of your planning process.

  1. Select statistical algorithms that provide the most accurate forecast according to the behavior of the historic data of products.
  2. Bring your demand planners, sales teams, product/category heads, and marketing executives onto a common platform, enabling much-needed collaboration & visibility.
  3. Your planners will be more productive and be able to spend their time analyzing the information rather than manually consolidating and correcting the sales/inventory data.
  4. You will be able to focus on products with higher volume and less forecast ability since your products will be classified according to their volume of sales, revenue or to the degree of forecast ability.



Experience an unparallel full-service lifecycle for your Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration solution, with Bizbrain Technologies. Founded in 2013 by former SAP Product specialists, Bizbrain has been a pioneer in SAP IBP implementations and continues to excel in its focused expertise and flawless delivery record by its top-notch team.