SAP IBP enables pharmaceutical firm to improve forecast accuracy & demand



Prestige Brands

Learn how Care Pharma retired the use of Microsoft Excel by starting its journey with SAP
Integrated Business Planning (IBP) enabling Demand Planning solution. This ensured
streamlined information through IBP to the drive planning, operational and execution
effectiveness, and efficiencies. With SAP IBP, Care Pharma automated demand and revenue
reports while using multiple prices like list price and projected sale price to analyze
the revenue with sound integration with financial planning to align the demand revenue.
SAP IBP also set Care Pharma on a path to enable the use of automatic statistical
forecasting tools which would replace the manual practice that they had been relying on
since their conception. The automated tools provided by IBP, allowed the Demand Planners
to perform forecast tuning tasks that facilitated improved accuracy metrics. Join us to
discover how you can benefit from SAP Integrated Business Planning, the various paths
one can embark on and key points to consider for building a reliable SAP IBP solution

29th Sep 2021, 7 PM EST – 9 AM AEST +1 (30 Sep
Screen monitor
Adam Peanna | Supply Chain Leader, COE
Prestige Brands
Matthew Flood | CIO & VP of Information
Care Pharma
Mel Gras | Head of Supply Chain
Bizbrain Technologies
Marco Santoyo | IBP Sr. Architect
1. Overview of how SAP IBP can
positively affect your industry.

Adam Peanna
2. The history of the partnership
between Prestige brands, Care Pharma and Bizbrain Technologies.

Matthew Flood
3. How SAP IBP implementation has
impacted our business processes.

Mel Gras
4. Challenges, lessons learnt and tips
for a flawless IBP implementation.

5. Q&A.

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