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How to address the COVID-19 challenges of the medical devices industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered conditions for the medical devices industry. The drivers of demand have shifted: ICU ventilators and...

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SAP IBP 2005 Release: Sneak Preview

SAP product team continues to work on, and add functionality to, SAP IBP on a quarterly basis to ensure its customers have a solution that is...

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How SCM specialized firms can help

If you had the chance of reading this report :“Transforming the Intelligent Supply Chain”, SAPinsider Online, sponsored by Esker and Reveal (if...

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How planners drive the adoption of the SAP IBP Supply Optimizer: the experience at Kellogg’s

Learn how the Kellogg’s business team is transforming its Latin American business process leveraging the advanced planning algorithms supported by SAP Integrated Business Planning. In a short period of time, Kellogg’s was able to develop a state of the art supply optimization model to attain build-ahead decisions, optimal production mixes: demand's impact on short term and mid-term horizons became predictable, managing target fill-rate metrics, during the disruption caused by the global pandemic. This session will highlight the decisions that made this implementation a success, with particular focus on the business users engagement and the transformative aspects of the adoption of this powerful and sophisticated supply optimization process.

2-3 PM EST

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