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How to Address the COVID-19 Challenges of the Medical Devices Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered conditions for the medical devices industry. The drivers of demand have shifted: ICU ventilators and CPAP machines have been priorities, while there has been a decline, albeit temporary, in devices for elective surgery.

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SAP IBP 2005 Release: Sneak Preview

SAP product team continues to work on, and add functionality to, SAP IBP on a quarterly basis to ensure its customers have a solution that is up-to-date. SAP came out with their latest release – 2005 release – of IBP, and our consultants have selected a few key highlights from the 2005 release that may be of interest to you.

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How SCM Specialized Firms Can Help

If you had the chance of reading this report :“Transforming the Intelligent Supply Chain”, SAP insider Online, sponsored by Esker and Reveal (if you have not, please find it here) you have probably noticed a tremendous opportunity in the SAP Supply Chain Management space. That was October 2019.

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