The roadmap of SAP Integrated Business Planning at Prestige Brands

Description: Join this session to learn how Prestige Brands started its journey with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) by automating its sales planning processes and dramatically shortening the process time while increasing planning accuracy. By using SAP IBP, Prestige Brands automated their manual processes for Sales Quota allocation and operational cost and profitability (Annual Operating Planning and Quarterly Latest Estimates), which used to take weeks are now managed in hours.  Prestige Brands developed business processes beyond the traditional scope of the SAP IBP templates, with a framework that enables the quick integration of planning data of newly acquired brands. The first productive scenario went live in a record time of 12 weeks.  Join us to discover how Mid-size companies can benefit from SAP Integrated Business Planning, the various paths one can embark on and key points to consider for building a reliable SAP IBP solution roadmap.

Presenters: Matthew Flood (Prestige Brands), Jeff Korol (SAP), Ernst Perno (AnswerThink), Marco Santoyo (Bizbrain Technologies)

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