Amneal Pharmaceuticals: Realize Collaborative End to End Business Process alignment with SAP IBP

Join us for a first-hand look at how Amneal Pharmaceuticals launched their SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey. On commencing a successful digital transformation, Amneal Pharmaceuticals was able to overcome a siloed heterogeneous system for Demand, Supply, Operations Planning; by Integrating SAP IBP with Demand Solution and JDE to move away from a manual planning using multiple excel sheets, causing difficulty in visualizing Supply Chain KPIs for planning & operations. With SAP IBP, Amneal Pharmaceuticals was able to adopt a forecasting consumption logic based on their Demand and operational backorders & shipment from JDE in addition to generating the short date inventory calculation based on the Batch expiry date and minimum shelf life requirements. The result? End to end Business process alignment and collaboration across production planning. Find out how Life-Science companies can get an edge with SAP Integrated Business Planning, the paths your organization can take to identify gaps and build the right SAP IBP solution roadmap.

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