Jump-start your Supply Chain Planning with RVR

Collaborative supply chain planning and tracking “what-if” scenarios with financial data is time-consuming. In 8-15 weeks, RVR can deliver a tailored program with minimum dependency on your planners, allowing them to focus on their critical day to day responsibilities.
Download this presentation and discover 4 RVR Packages for SAP IBP S&OP implementation:
  1. Demand: Created to identify what the market wants and what your sales teams knows they can sell to be aligned with corporate targets
  2. Demand & Supply: Consolidate supply chain inventories with our Demand and Supply package. Proactively mitigate demand and supply risks and minimize costs
  3. Financial Impact: Seek answers to questions like what is the financial impact and how can processes be scaled to meet the demands of the entire organization
  4. Constrained Plan: Learn how to manage an entire portfolio of customers, products, and suppliers with constrained resources
Key Advantages of our solution packages:
  • -Optimized learning curve to adopt SAP IBP
  • -Short implementation time
  • -Scalable foundation for future growth
Download RVR Presentation

We stand out
Bizbrain Technologies, an SAP Silver Partner, delivers an outstanding customer experience to customers adopting SAP Supply Chain and Collaboration solutions. Founded in 2013 by former SAP Product experts, Bizbrain Technologies has been a pioneer in SAP IBP implementations and innovations working with the most important SAP lighthouse customer projects.
Download RVR Presentation