Discover how SAP IBP elevates your supply chain planning

An effective sales strategy includes a high level of engagement with your prospective customers. Here you will find each aspect of a sales and operations planning process in a supply chain planning exercise broken down from statistical forecasting, new product introduction, consensus demand planning to supply planning along with the various supply models available in SAP IBP.
Everything you will need to showcase an end-to-end planning process with SAP IBP:
Statistical Forecasting
Use case: Generate a basis statistical forecast and obtain an overview how statistical forecast is modeled.
Collaborative consensus demand
Use case: Review how a statistical forecast is propagated across different business functions to arrive at a consensus demand
Rule bases supply model
Use case: Review rule-based supply model in IBP to identify bottle necks in your supply chain
Finite Heuristic
Use case: Create a finite demand and supply plan based on prioritized demand, considering certain supply and resource constraints.
Supply Optimizer
Use case: Review how the optimizer levers work and understand the result
Use Case: Multi-echelon inventory optimization result on multiple scenarios with changes to supply variables like lead time and period between replenishment
IBP Demand Sensing
Use case: View pos data influencing short term sensed demand
Intelligent Visibility with response and s/4
Use case: View impacted sales orders caused by supply disruptions


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