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Mel Gras

Mel Gras

Head of Supply Chain at Care Pharma
Logo Care

unexpected benefit

When I look back at our, two-year journey, the biggest and an unexpected benefit that we've had, is the change in business conversations.
It started to change the way we related to our business partners and with each other internally. So, when you think about customer collaboration, we are now sharing our forecast data with our major customers. Also, we're actually having a conversation about what we're going to do differently next year.”

implement SAP IBP

We wanted to extend the view to all partners, sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain. This helps us to focus on both short-term and long-term outlooks, which is critical to our suppliers.
Our S&OP process was always about solving short-term problems and trying to validate numbers as opposed to being able to look out into the future, plan strategically and think about agility and growth. So, when we were told that we had the opportunity to implement SAP IBP and work with Prestige Brands and the Bizbrain team, we were overjoyed.”

...source of truth

“So, we really saw the benefit of having SAP IBP as our single source of truth. We wanted to create visibility and transparency across the organization so that everyone can see where the numbers were coming from. Importantly, they could access the numbers at any point in time.”

The challenges...

“The challenges that Excel presents when multiple team members are working together and with multiple functions trying to use the same space, are well known. Our main objective was about leveraging the same source of truth, bringing us all together into one system. That has been a great transformation for us.

The financial alignment...

“The financial alignment has improved significantly, because we've been able to incorporate our demand planning process into our monthly financial reporting and KPI process.
The reporting automation has been really helpful from a demand and revenue perspective.

Mattew Flood

Matthew Flood

CIO & VP of Information Technology
Logo Prestige Consumer


We partnered with Bizbrain Technologies to implement SAP IBP S&OP. The first phase was planned for only five weeks. These five weeks went so well and the sales team loved it so much, the project was extended to five phases, including CPI-DS, and was completed with great success. The S&OP project was very successful.”

Adam Peanna

Adam Peanna

Supply Chain Leader, COE from SAP
Logo SAP

delivered on the cloud

The Integrated Business Planning solution is delivered on the cloud, which means that we can push new capabilities down to our customer systems on a regular basis, without being disruptive, without being a major IT project.
That's enabled the solution to advance over time, as we have new planning capabilities, machine learning capabilities,and customers can really take advantage of in a very short period of time, without a lot of effort.”

Marco Santoyo

Marco Santoyo

IBP Sr. Architect, Bizbrain Technologies
Logo bizbrain

global & instrumental

The nature of this implementation was very global and instrumental in providing a foundation for scaling the maturity level of the planning process at Care Pharma in Australia. The project ensured a platform for a single source of truth within SAP IBP, allowing local and global sales and marketing teams to collaborate on the demand planning cycles while running simulations and providing direct reports on the progress back to the local and global finance teams. The reports of the Australian brands started flowing directly, back into the reporting for Prestige, which was a key driver for the success of the project.”


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