Bizbrain Academy

A bite-sized learning system that ensures sustainability and return
of investment in SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

We Believe in Transformation

We also believe that people are the main agents to enable it. Bizbrain Academy has been designed to help organizations accelerate
the adoption of SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for both business and technology users and to ensure the continuity of the transformation process.

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SAP IBP Made Simple for Business Users

Bizbrain designed an enablement program with different topics that focus on giving business users the most important building blocks of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to help them unlock the value of the solution

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SAP IBP Made Simple Content

  • Dashboards and Analytics in SAP IBP
    This session shows you the steps to unlock the value of your business data.
  • Process Manager and Collaborative Planning in SAP IBP for S&OP  
    Bring all stakeholders to the table with a uniform Process
  • Understanding basic forecasting in IBP
    Understand how to set up a basic statistical forecasting process, cleansing historic data setting up a forecast model and measuring accuracy.
  • Excel Templates in SAP IBP
    Review standard VBA templates along with a tips and tricks to customize these templates to suit your unique needs.
  • What if Scenarios Analysis in SAP IBP
    Simulate a change in your supply chain plan, to review a potential “what-if” situation enabling you to make informed decisions without impacting current baseline plans.
  • Rule based supply model and manual load leveling with SAP IBP for S&OP
    Look at how we can manually level/override a proposed supply plan due to constraints.
  • New Product Introduction in IBP
    How to generate a statistical forecast for product for which we do not have historic data.
  • IBP supply optimizer made simple
    How the optimizer works, what drives the engine, what levers influence the optimizer and how to simplify the optimizer functionality.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration with Ariba and IBP
    Create a robust supply plan by collaborating with your suppliers considering raw material constraints.
  • How to set up financial and executive review in IBP
    Review financial implications of scenarios being evaluated on demand and supply plans to draw a comparison between plans and arrive at an informed decision.

Technical Guru for IT Users

This program is specifically designed for the IT professionals that deal with the maintenance and sustainability of SAP Digital Supply Chain’s productive environment. Our technical Guru answers in its classroom the toughest IT questions.

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Technical Guru Content

  • Jump-start your IBP roadmap
    The session shows how implementation options can enable the business to get a game-changing planning solution in record time while ensuring that it is sustainable and can provide a foundation for growth. 
  • Recent Trends in SAP IBP Integration Design
    The session outline some of the most common options to integrate with non-SAP back ends.
  • Design a solution with Performance in mind  
    We discuss master data and integration design tips and tricks that are proven to help foster performance
  • Does your IBP model ensure an acceptable cost of operation?
    If your company is struggling between a global model vs the needs of regional planning this is a session for you.