Find here the decks we presented at SAPInsider SCM2017, in Orlando, Florida.

1- Strategies to utilize SAP Integrated Business Planning for mid-size companies

Luca Massasso, bizbrain Technologies
Matthew Flood, Prestige Brands

Exploring real-world examples, this session examines how SAP Integrated Business Planning can be leveraged to enhance a variety of business processes including sales quota planning and financial planning. Attend to hear how mid-sized companies are able to leverage the flexibility of the cloud to:

  • Accelerate value realization with strategies to centralize existing spreadsheet templates into a singleglobal process
  • Create scenarios and support various business processes prior to data synchronization and reconciliation
  • Build a stronger foundation for mergers and acquisitions, starting from the planning processes.

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2- Strategies to leverage SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations planning (S&OP)

Dustin Demmin, Nature’s Way
Luca Massasso, bizbrain technologies

Join this interactive Q&A session to get invaluable tips on how to leverage additional functionality of SAP Integrated Business Planning extending the SAP Integrated Business Planning templates. By attending this session, you will also explore the main design decisions and their implications as you

  • Gain best practices to decide how to use SAP templates for SAP Integrated Business Planning, and hear about the possible approaches to support your company planning processes
  • Learn how SAP Integrated Business Planning can support your company to develop a highly flexible supply chain planning solution including financial KPIs
  • Discuss the many benefits SAP Integrated business planning provides to mid-size companies including data uniformity, lower TCO and centralization

See a demo on processes non-traditionally supported by SAP Integrated Business Planning and understand how to build one on your own.

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