Since the launch of Integrated Business Planning in 2014 (from the previous SOP on HANA), the adoption of IBP has convinced many company leaders to bring their planning processes on this platform. Currently available only on SAP cloud, SAP IBP completes existing tactical planning processes based on APO and drive the digital transformation into new business processes. The official SAP IBP architecture comprises the following solutions:

  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • IBP for Sales and Operations
  • IBP for Demand
  • IBP for Inventory
  • IBP for Response and Supply.

The companies choosing SAP Integrated Business Planning


SAP customers choosing SAP IBP may be:

  1. in the process of rolling out globally  S&OP
  2. performing already S&OP but with some business limitations (i.e. limited integration with financial planning)
  3. running S&OP with outdated software solutions
  4. currently adopting S&OP practices
  5. interested in getting more control over the mix
  6. seeking a centralization of planning practices based on scattered spreadsheets
  7. Replacing existing Demand Planning processes
  8. Building a platform supporting growth based on M&A
  9. <your situation here>.


The required skillsets


Regardless of the scenario, implementing efficiently SAP IBP requires the following skillsets:

  • understanding of the planning and operational processes (business view)
  • experience in change management (change management)
  • ability to model mathematically business problems (data modeling and database design)
  • command of the SAP IBP configuration (functional view)
  • experience with sustainable and efficient integration paradigms
  • ability to communicate efficiently to business users, IT experts, SAP consultants and developers (technical view)
  • end to end view of the IT/business/delivery as a financial investment

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